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About Our Company

seizetech Antiques , We are collecting and selling an aged antiques, besides we are screening our collections through Australia exhibitions to people, our collection contains several number of items such as ancient time World & Indian coins, old crafty things, old stamp papers, currency notes, stamps, also a lot of variety stones, holy books, wood objects etc. our sale branch contains old Indian items and foreign items, such as Queen Victoria, Edward King, King George emperors silver coins, copper coins, Republic Indian coins, bank notes, British Indian documents and stamp papers, stone varieties, lebbo coin etc. Additionally we are manufacturing more artful designed wood things such as doors, windows, furniture for sale using old costly woods through our company seizetech antiques shop. about2The owner of seizetech Antiques started his passion since his childhood age and he has spent much more year for gathered such a precious collections as well spending more times to amass more. His ambition is to establish the museum in future for demonstrate his gatherings. he has well deserved to get some appreciations, awards and prizes for participated to show his collections in exhibition. This is the official website of our antiques. The consequence of the website is to endorse the trade and to show our collections by through seizetech antiques. We are dealing all ancient objects, all collectors and dealers & customers get in touch with us for purchasing and selling and testing for the old antiques.
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